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Design Company Brands Schlotzsky’s ‘Lotz Better’

Schlotzsky's: Every Bite Lotz BetterJuly 28, 2011 — Schlotzskyʼs today announced it has named Back Lot Productions, Inc., an Atlanta-based company specializing in retail design and brand development, as its Vendor of the Year.

Back Lot Production owners, Bart Mills and Tracey Barker, were recognized with the prestigious honor for their creation of the Schlotzskyʼs ʻLotz Betterʼ prototype design. The first new Schlotzskyʼs ʻLotz Betterʼ prototype opened in Waco, Texas, in 2010 and was so well-received by customers that Schlotzskyʼs corporate executives made the decision to reimage all of its existing 350 restaurants with the same ʻLotz Betterʼ design.

“Back Lot Productions is composed of a superior team of talented and creative individuals who hit the mark with the Schlotzskyʼs ʻLotz Betterʼ prototype design,” Schlotzskyʼs President Kelly Roddy says. “They put forth countless hours and tremendous effort to make sure the ʻLotz Betterʼ look was a success and because of this, has helped to propel us in the fast-casual restaurant segment. We couldnʼt think of a better way to express our appreciation for their design, diligence, and dedication than by recognizing them as Schlotzskyʼs official Vendor of the Year.”

Mills, an architect by trade, and Barker, a graphic designer, focused on the unique shape of Schlotzskyʼs round bun and created a fun, quirky, and unique look. Additionally, they designed the new logo that incorporates the circle concept. All the new packaging in restaurants, updated business cards, and stationary, as well as the bright, vibrant color scheme was integrated by the duo.

“We are honored to receive this incredible recognition by such a well-known brand in the restaurant industry,” Mills says. “It is wonderful working with Schlotzskyʼs to help put ideas into action that will create a great experience for their customers. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Schlotzskyʼs for many years to come.”

Kansas City marked the first market to kick-off Schlotzskyʼs nationwide reimage initiative in March 2011 with four locations adapting the new ʻLotz Betterʼ look. Since then, restaurants throughout Colorado, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, and Washington have revamped with vibrant colors, playful slogans, contemporary furniture and artwork. Schlotzskyʼs also has introduced a new service model where crew members hand-deliver food to the tables.

With more than 350 locations worldwide, Schlotzskyʼs continues its growth momentum by aggressively targeting markets in Texas and in untapped markets around the country including Charlotte, North Carolina; Denver; Tampa, Florida; Orlando, Florida; Kansas City, Missouri; Nashville; Phoenix; Raleigh, North Carolina; and St. Louis for multi-unit developers. Roddy added that, ideally, Schlotzskyʼs plans to have upwards of 700 locations by 2015.

Reprinted from QSR Magazine – July 28, 2011