Hill @ Cinnabon #short

Back Lot was exceptional to work with. They completely understood what we were trying to accomplish with the Cinnabon brand. They produced a fantastic looking design that was innovative, scalable and cost effective.

Zusman @ Wyndham #short

Their work is innovative and forward looking while always remaining grounded in the realities of budget constraints, production challenges and customer mandates. I would give Back Lot the highest accolades.

Kahn @ InterContinental Hotels #short

Back Lot can take a glimmer of an idea and progress it so it becomes an essential expression of the brand essence. I have the highest admiration for their work and their commitment to the guest experience.

Murphy @ Mama Fu’s #short

Back Lot conceived and implemented ideas that not only appealed to our current and prospective customer base, but they also put every design decision through a cost filter to make sure we could maximize revenue per square foot going forward.

O’Connor @ This Old House

Back Lot’s unique talent for story telling within the built environment is the key to their strength in both brand development and brand re-imaging. I find their creative process fascinating.

Fields @ Walmart

The unique, simple functionality that defines a brand with a style that has a clear edge among the competition, is the signature that Back Lot prints to every project.

Roddy @Schlotzsky’s #short

Back Lot Productions has tremendous vision. Their team received our Vendor of the Year Award, which is one of our most prestigious awards. I strongly recommend them.